Smile Care: When Avoiding Sugar Isn’t Working So Well

One of your main goals in life, of course, is doing all that you can to keep your smile in wonderful condition. Amongst other commonly revered and significant factors (such as brushing, flossing, and setting up visits with us) is the fact that you have always known sugar is somewhat of an enemy of your oral health! As a result, you may put forth some serious effort in an attempt to limit the amount you consume. However, this delicious ingredient can cause this otherwise seemingly easy choice to prove challenging. How to feel more successful without striving for unrealistic goals, you wonder? No problem! Our Overland Park, KS team has the suggestions you need.

Keep In Mind, Sugar Is Sugar

Whether it comes in a candy bar, it arrives naturally in the fresh fruit you’re biting into, or otherwise, don’t forget that sugar is sugar. There are different types but they all feed bacteria! So, with that said, whether you’re sinking your teeth into a brownie, you’re enjoying a spoonful of sugary yogurt, or you’re eating apple slices, it’s always important to remember to cleanse your smile after. The easiest means of quickly removing sugars from your smile is to rinse with water. If you can also brush within about 30 minutes (so you give your mouth a break before you do so), then even better. Another hint? Chewing with sugarless gum after you consume sweets is also highly beneficial and helps you protect your oral health.

Find Sweet Alternatives

As mentioned, sugar is sugar. So, what else is there if you really want to indulge your sweet tooth? Well, there are alternatives! For instance, xylitol is a natural sweetener that isn’t bad for your oral health. Instead, it’s actually considered advantageous, as it doesn’t feed bacteria (which is part of what leads the development of decay and gingivitis) but instead may help prevent them from adhering to your teeth. You can find many products sweetened with this ingredient, from beverages to candy, chewing gum, and more!

Don’t Keep Sugar In Your Pantry

We remind you, plain and simple: Don’t keep sugar in your kitchen (or anywhere else in your home!). When you limit yourself to having it only outside of your home, you can stop dealing with any type of need to control what you do or do not indulge in when you’re in your own personal space! It makes life easy and protects your oral health, too.

Make Sugar Reduction Simple For Your Smile

Find out more from our team about how you can more easily cut down the amount of sugar you’re consuming and how you can protect yourself against the sweets you do occasionally enjoy! We are here to help! To learn more, schedule your consultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.