Erosion: Types, Problems, And Protecting Your Teeth!

You may occasionally hear mention of dental erosion and your oral health but you don’t really know what it refers to, so you just hope it has nothing to do with your smile. While it’s entirely possible you’re doing a wonderful job with your preventive care and are enjoying a nearly pristine grin, our Overland Park, KS team would like to introduce you to this concept. When you’re aware of what it is, it makes it much easier to not accidentally overlook it (as you are then faced with the consequences). Like just about every other potential smile-related issue, you can keep it at bay with proper smile care!

First, Acid Erosion!

This is one type of dental erosion, known as acid erosion, that can make your teeth not quite as strong, which means your chance of a cavity diagnosis, serious sensitivity, and more are on the rise. It’s simple. When you consume acidic foods, when you eat sugar (which creates an acid environment in your mouth), and when you have dry mouth (which also creates an acid environment in your mouth), teeth are essentially under attack. Acids lead to the slow but steady destruction of enamel, or the outermost tissue layer of your teeth.

Next, Physical Erosion

So, what’s this type of erosion? It’s physical erosion! It isn’t connected so much with acids or sugars but instead is the result of tissue being worn down due to contact with other surfaces. For instance, the grinding associated with bruxism can cause it. Snacking on very hard foods like ice can cause it. Your enamel is essentially rubbed away over time, which makes teeth less structurally stable and headed for the aforementioned problems, as well as issues like cracking and breaking.

How To Keep Your Smile Ultra Safe

We will be happy to talk at length with you about dental erosion during your next dental checkup, if you have questions! If you are curious about how to enjoy acidic foods and drinks or the sweets you love without putting your smile in harm’s way, let us know! If you are ready for bruxism treatment or are simply curious about your bite balance and whether your teeth that touch are an issue, let us know! We’re here to explain it all (and to help, too!).

Prevent And Treat Erosion With Our Team

Come in to see us for your twice-annual dental checkups as consistently as you can, so we may keep an eye on your smile and immediately detect signs of erosion. Keep your smile healthy through preventive care! Schedule a dental checkup, so we may help you! To learn more, schedule your consultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.