Aggressive Smile Care: Good Or Bad For Your Smile?

What could possibly be wrong with practicing aggressive smile care, you might wonder? After all, when you want to get something clean, isn’t it best to put all that you’ve got into getting the job done? Well, the answer here is that in terms of effort, yes, you should really go all out! However, in terms of the amount of muscle you place behind your approach to dental hygiene, it’s actually a bit counterintuitive. You need to be gentle with your every action, which generally includes the way you brush and floss your teeth. If you’re feeling curious about how this could be, our Overland Park, KS team can help with straightforward details!

Brushing Too Hard Vs Just Right

Let’s talk about brushing hard. This is not good for your smile. We know that it makes sense to you to brush with an aggressive approach because you assume this means you will remove more plaque and debris this way. However, what will happen is you may damage your teeth and gums in the meantime. The result? Everything you’re doing to protect your smile will also harm it. Instead, brush gently but be sure to do a thorough job and then you’ll be on the right path.

Flossing Too Hard Vs Just Right

We want you to remember, as well, that aggressive flossing can be bad news for your smile care and your long-term oral health. Keep in mind that if you’re flossing with aggressive motions, you may be damaging your gum tissue, which requires very delicate care. As a result, you may deal with gum recession and injury that will mean negative things for your oral health. Keep gums healthy and safe by always flossing with a light touch.

The Potential Side Effects

Aggressive smile care can cause you to harm the enamel on your teeth, as you physically erode this shield that helps keep your smile healthy. It may irritate your gums, which can cause them to recede. You may find that as a result, you’re more prone to problems like decay, your damaged teeth become more vulnerable to stains, and more. Brush and floss gently to keep this from happening.

How To Make Changes

Plainly put: Be gentle, give yourself enough time so that you aren’t brushing fast (and, as a result, too hard), and let us know how we can help during your checkups!

Skip Aggressive Care To Protect Your Smile

Care for your smile with a gentle, thorough approach, so you enjoy optimal plaque removal, while protecting your oral tissues. Let us know if you need help or a dental hygiene review for improved success! To learn more, schedule your conultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.