4 Times To Throw Away Your Toothbrush ASAP

Do you remember the last time you threw away your toothbrush and started fresh with a new one? Are you drawing a blank? Perhaps you’re even slinking away because, as far as you knew, you were supposed to just keep one brush around for as long as possible! Remember, it’s perfectly okay to learn thing about your oral health and dental hygiene as you go along (assuming you put those new morsels of information to good use, once you learn them!). Gather up a few reasons from our Overland Park, KS team, so you can quickly say goodbye to your brush and welcome a new one in, so you’re always on track.

#1: After You’ve Been Sick

We know that once you’re feeling better after you have been sick with something like the common cold or flu, you feel like you’re on top of the world! How wonderful to feel good again! As a result, you may simply want to experience life to the fullest again, which doesn’t always mean sitting down to consider the little details, like whether it’s time to buy a new toothbrush. With that said … it’s really time for a new one! To avoid reinfection and to keep your bathroom clean, toss the old brush and use a brand new one for your dental hygiene.

#2: When It’s Been Four Months

If it seems like a very simple rule, that’s because it is: In order to thoroughly cleanse your smile and remove enough plaque to keep you from dealing with decay and fillings, only use one brush for up to four months at a time. Done!

#3: When You Dropped It Somewhere Gross

Where did you just drop your toothbrush that you were about to use for your dental hygiene? Behind the toilet? Into the toilet? Some other unmentionable place? Throw that one out and use a new one!

#4: When Someone Else Accidentally Uses It

Speak with our team during a checkup to learn more about dental hygiene and you will find that we always suggest you avoid sharing your toothbrush! So much so that if you have been sharing one (or you have learned that someone accidentally used your brush recently), we encourage you to start fresh with a new one. You don’t want to share bacteria with someone else by using the same brush! It’s not ideal for your oral health.

See Us For New Dental Hygiene Knowledge

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