3 Ways You’re Experiencing Smile Balance Issues 

You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the balance of your smile. That is, until you realize you are having trouble chewing or even leaving your smile at rest because things don’t feel like they’re fitting together correctly. Then, there’s the fact that you may develop bruxism or TMJ disorder, only to discover that your lack of balance between top and bottom teeth can most certainly contribute to these functional disorders. Curious about improvements you may need to make, so your smile is balanced and healthy? Our Overland Park, KS practice can fill you in!

#1: Damaged Teeth Or Devices

Does it feel a little bit like your teeth aren’t fitting together like they used to? If so, this is often the result of some amount of damage to the tissue in your smile, whether it’s your natural teeth, dental crowns, a dental filling, bridge, denture, or anything else! Even a very minor change in the way your top and bottom teeth fit together can become something you detect and that makes it feel like things are “off.” Of course, if you’re seeing us for your twice-annual dental checkups and cleanings, this is something we will notice and comment on when we see you! However, if this occurs between visits, it’s always to your advantage to contact us, come in, and allow us to repair the problem, so your bite feels balanced again.

#2: Missing Teeth

While you may feel like the impact of missing teeth is surely more than a bit of smile imbalance, we remind you: There are lots of complications that arise when you lose one or multiple teeth! One of them, of course, is the fact that you may no longer have top and bottom teeth fitting together as they used to. We have mentioned, of course, that this may lead to additional problems, such as TMJ disorder. Rather than further impeding your ability to enjoy a healthy, fully functional grin, we encourage you instead to consider teeth replacements very soon!

#3: Misaligned Teeth

If your teeth are simply misaligned, then you already know you are having a problem with your bite balance. In addition, you may feel equally displeased with the way your smile looks as you do with the way your smile feels and the fact that your lack of balance can lead to complications. Did you know that an aligned and balanced bite is even easier to clean and maintain? When you’re ready to align teeth into their proper order, speak with our team about how Invisalign treatment can help!

Address Smile Balance Concerns Soon 

Remember to let us know if you are dealing with smile balance concerns and to follow through on the care you need in order to improve that balance. An aligned grin promotes a heathy smile that’s easy to maintain. To learn more, schedule your consultation by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.