Yes But…Answers for Family Dental Health

Whether you have children and teens living at home, or you used to be one yourself, you probably remember those “Yes, but…” conversations. They don’t stop with adulthood, and they can hold you back from having the best smile possible in Overland Park, KS. Dr. Cook is a compassionate and experienced family dentist, and has rebuttals for some of the “Yes, But…”  attitudes that might be keeping you from dental health and having your most beautiful smile.

Yes, But…It Takes Too Long

Even with the longer days of summer, finding time to fit everything in can be a challenge. Whether you are solo and need just one appointment, or the household scheduler with lot of appointments to fit in, a convenient and modern family dentist is the answer you’ve been looking for. A family dentist see patients of all ages, which means appointments can take place in the same location, on the same say. Regular appointments also mean problems can be diagnosed early, and tackled while they are small.

Yes, But…It’s Expensive

There is a cost to great dental care, but there is an even higher cost to ignoring your teeth, gums and overall oral health. Not just small things like healthy but discolored teeth that could benefit from teeth whitening. When you skip preventive care and regular cleanings, we cannot advise you of early signs of tooth wear from nighttime teeth grinding, or perform an oral cancer screening and much more.

Yes, But…I Already Brush Twice A Day

You do your part with excellent home care. Thank you for that! We do our part at checkups and cleaning with dental technology that is not available you at home. We can use digital X-rays to look beneath the skin, and tiny oral cameras, to check the back of teeth and inside your mouth, where your eyes cannot reach.

Don’t Find Excuses To Put Off Dental Appointments

It is easy to put off preventive dental care, or slide it lower on your priority schedule. Don’t let mistaken notions and “Yes, but…” thinking hold you back from your best smile. To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.