Let’s Talk: Preventive Support Through Mouthguards

You already have a concept of what a mouthguard is. However, as far as where they come into play in your preventive dental care on a regular basis, this may be new territory for you. The thought of incorporating a mouthguard into your daily life in any way may not have ever crossed your mind. However, it’s very possible that one version or another could provide you with some serious protection you haven’t even realized you need! Find out more from our Overland Park, KS team, so we can keep helping you enjoy a very healthy grin.

Bruxism Or TMJ Disorder

First, let’s talk about the protective mouthguard you may wish to consider if you are dealing with a functional issue. What’s that, you ask? Well, when we’re talking about problems with your smile, we often focus on either hygiene-related issues (like those that develop due to poor care, too much bacteria, etc.). Then, we talk about functional issues, which relate to the structure of your entire mouth and how your tissues work together. In this case? We’re talking about muscles, your jaw joints, etc.

Remember: You may need preventive dental care through the use of a mouthguard if you’re suffering from TMJ disorder (jaw joint problems) or bruxism (chronic teeth grinding and clenching) in order to keep your oral health safe. Otherwise, the problem will worsen and damage may occur. Not sure if this is affecting you? Keep coming in for your twice-annual checkups and we will inform you of any changes!

Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Are you someone who thinks that you might be snoring? Are you certain of it? When snoring is affecting you, remember that a mouthguard can help. We also remind you that when you’re dealing with extreme, loud snoring, it may not just be snoring. Instead, it may be an issue called sleep apnea that will require our immediate care! Instead of just dealing with loud noises due to the partial collapse of tissues in your throat, sleep apnea is when your throat becomes blocked over and over as you sleep, stopping you from breathing. Seek our preventive dental care with a mouthguard to help you with one or both of these issues, so sleep is smooth sailing.

Participation In Sports

Guess what? Your smile is not immune to damage, no matter what sport you’re playing! If it’s possible for you to fall, run into equipment, get an elbow to the mouth, a ball to the face, etc., then it is to your benefit to speak with us about athletic mouthguards. Let them absorb the shock, so your teeth and other tissues don’t have to!

See Us About Protective Mouthguards

Take time to visit our team about your oral health and to find out more in terms of mouthguards and how you may benefit from one! Remember that our preventive care is comprehensive and we look forward to seeing you! To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.