Smile-Related Reasons to Quit Smoking

You know, of course, that it’s a good idea to quit smoking any type of tobacco product because it’s not good for you. However, what you may not know quite as much about is the fact that in addition to causing other dangerous, unpleasant, and even life-threatening problems, tobacco can result in equally risky smile-related concerns and serious oral health issues, as well. Find out more from our Overland Park, KS team and, if you have questions, direct them our way!

It Slows The Healing Process

Need oral surgery? Considering dental implants? If you’re a smoker, this makes things complicated. Remember that when you smoke or use any type of tobacco product, it slows your body’s ability to heal. This is why you will hear that you must abstain from smoking, etc., before, during, and after surgical procedures, whether oral surgery or otherwise. When you don’t, you create an environment in which your body will have trouble healing and it will make infection more likely to develop and more difficult to treat.

It Increases Your Risk Of Oral Diseases

Yes, you know that smoking will increase your chance of lung cancer. However, did you know that it can also increase your chance of oral disease, as well? First, you are increasing the chance of the life-threatening oral health diseases that includes oral cancer. Next, you are also promoting periodontal disease, which can become quite devastating for your oral tissues. Both diseases are treatable when they are detected early but they are also both dangerous. Quitting smoking will decrease your potential for their development.

It Will Stain Your Smile

The tar in cigarettes and other tobacco products can lead not only to oral health problems but also to esthetic issues! You will likely have developed stained teeth, for which we can offer help with cosmetic care. The best route? Avoid stains and problems altogether by avoiding smoking!

It Contributes To Bad Breath

While the smell of tobacco may contribute to bad breath, it’s not just a recent smoking session that leads to this problem. You may also find that you’re worsening and encouraging an underlying issue that causes bad breath. Did you know that gum disease can cause yucky breath? Smoking also dries your oral tissues, which can promote dry mouth and … you guessed it … bad breath. Furthermore, tar that becomes residual in your mouth and throat may lead to unpleasant smells, as well.

Protect Yourself From Smoking Side Effects

Learn more about the ways that smoking can negatively impact your oral health when you speak with our team. Feel free to ask questions and to ask for assistance with smoking cessation if you are ready! To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.