Implants: Verifying The Very Good Rumors You Hear

When you hear a rumor, particularly when it sounds over-the-top amazing and has something to do with dental care, you may immediately feel quite skeptical. As you will notice, when you begin learning about dental implants, this may be an experience you have over and over. You’ll hear lots of good things, some of which will sound almost too beneficial to be real and you’ll wonder about them. While you may feel the urge to fact check by looking online or asking around, we strongly suggest that you instead get all of your information from our Overland Park, KS team. Now, about some of those rumors…

You’ll Probably Have Them Forever

If you hear that you will probably have your dental implants forever, this isn’t just one of those things that people say! It’s really true. If you think about your future implant as a natural tooth root, you will remember: It will bond with your jawbone. If it’s taken care of (which is easy to do when you protect your smile through optimal dental care), it will remain in place. So, it’s really true that implants often last for life!

They Can Support A Crown, Partial, Denture, Bridge…

You know that when you receive a dental implant, it’s going to support a dental crown as you replace one whole tooth. However, you may not realize that this isn’t your only option. Even if you are missing a full arch of teeth and want implant support for a denture, or you have partial tooth loss and would like further support for a bridge or partial, these are all options you may consider! Learn more when you come in for a consultation.

You Can Become A Candidate If You Aren’t One Now

Maybe you have been dealing with periodontal disease, which means your mouth is not currently in good condition for dental implant placement. Perhaps what you really need is a trusted oral surgeon to provide bone grafting for a damaged jawbone. The one thing to remember? You might not be a candidate today but you really can change that!

They Protect Your Jawbone

We know this sounds shocking but it’s true! In short, your tooth’s roots keep your jaw healthy by reminding it (and your brain) that it is supporting a tooth. So, it receives the nutrients it needs from your body. Your implant offers the same reminder to your jawbone (that it doesn’t receive when your tooth goes missing).

Consider Implants By Seeing Us To Learn More

Come in to find out all that you’d like to know about dental implants. We remind you that taking time to sit down with our team for factual details is always going to make exploring implants easier and more accurate! To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.