Guilt And Your Smile: We Strongly Suggest Shifting Your Perspective!

When you are feeling guilty about something related to your smile, you can find that you end up feeling quite blue. You may feel embarrassed, upset with yourself, or you may even feel like a failure! Trust us when we say, we understand this emotion popping up as one of your primary responses to realizing you have decay, an infection, or serious damage that will require dental care beyond the usual brushing, flossing, checkups, and cleanings that you always require. We know that it’s natural to have such a response but our Overland Park, KS team also wants you to remember that it’s entirely up to you as to how you handle your emotions from here on out. Learn more!

Just Don’t Let Guilt Linger

Patients who feel guilty are more than welcome to invite this emotion in! It’s okay if you feel bad about a problem with your oral health. However, we also remind you not to focus on this emotion for too long. It’s not going to make you feel better. Instead, it will make you feel worse but without actually providing your tooth with any type of improvement. So, what to do? We encourage you to view guilt as a good motivator. You feel upset about your lack of dental care or the cause of your issue, you ask yourself what lesson you have learned, and then, you move forward!

Try To Switch To Feeling Proactive Instead

Great, so you have figured out what your dental care inspired lesson is in regard to your current oral health conundrum. However, you wonder … what’s next? We can help with this! What’s next is that you rely on that bit of motivation you gained from feeling a little guilty to become proactive instead. Harness this feeling! Ask yourself: What can I do to make things better and how can I better protect my oral health in the future? See? This is the emotional foundation that will help you create good things and important changes for your smile!

Remember That Action Is What Works For Dental Care

What does your smile need? If you feel guilty and sit at home, a cavity or other problem will not be healed by that guilt. However, if you call our team to schedule a dental exam and then follow through on any restorative care that you need, now that is how you fix your smile health and feel wonderful about your grin (and getting back into good habits) again!

Turn Guilt Into Action At Our Practice

Shake off any feelings of guilt you have in regard to your oral health when things don’t go quite right and, instead, come in to see our team at our practice, so we may provide you with the care you need to regain your grin! To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.