4 Simple Suggestions For Dental Visit Prep!

When you check your calendar and realize a dental visit is just around the corner, how do you feel? If you feel completely at ease, then we are happy to hear it! If you feel some butterflies fluttering about in your stomach, to this our Overland Park KS team says: Do not worry! This is perfectly normal. Fortunately, for all types of responses to a visit that’s on the horizon, we have some simple preparatory suggestions that will ensure you arrive feeling relaxed and ready for that dental care you need!

#1: Brush Your Teeth (Please!)

We know that you may convince yourself that since you’re coming in to see your dentist, you don’t need to brush your teeth. The opposite is true! We so appreciate it when our patients show up with freshly brushed smiles! It means you have nice, approachable breath, that your teeth are ready for care, and that you don’t experience even the slightest bit of embarrassment about your grin!

#2: Wear Your Comfiest Clothes

Heading out of your home for dental care means ending up at an exceptionally clean practice in which you will be lying down in a dental chair. While we do everything we can do promote a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, we remind you: It’s still always going to be to your advantage to dress in something you find to be relaxing and comfortable. That way, as you spend time with us, you can take it easy, rather than feeling confined, itchy, or otherwise in clothing you wish you hadn’t selected.

#3: Slather On Some Lip Balm

Do your lips tend to run dry? Never too thrilled with the way your lips feel after a checkup or other form of dental care because all of that saying “Ah!” makes for stretching that isn’t the most comfortable? Here’s an easy tip: Apply lip balm the night before and then during the day before your visit. Keeping lip tissue moisturized and supple will make visits easier!

#4: Avoid Too Much Caffeine, Sugar, Etc.

Whether you’re seeing us for a dental crown, a routine exam and cleaning, or anything else, as mentioned, you’re going to be lying down and still. You don’t want to feel like you have tons of energy to expend. You want to feel calm! So, make some smart food and beverage choices.

Make Your Visit A Pleasant One!

Remember that coming in for the smile care that you need will be a relaxing, pleasant experience as you meet with our friendly team. Keep up with these visits twice a year to keep your smile healthy! To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.