Dental Hygiene: If It Hurts, Come See Us

There are times when you’ll experience some sort of smile pain that won’t surprise you. Your tooth that has a cavity in it and it may feel uncomfortable. You may bite your tongue and expect it to hurt! Gingivitis may make your gums sore. However, there are some oral health related things that should never hurt. One of them includes your dental hygiene. If you’re brushing or flossing to care for your smile, it should feel perfectly fine. However, if you notice that your sensations change or that you feel any type of discomfort, it is time to come in to see our Overland Park, KS team immediately! Learn more.

But First! Check What You’re Doing.

Before you assume your dental hygiene is painful or uncomfortable because your oral health is in need of professional care, first, take a moment to review your approach. Did you know you might just be being way too forceful? It’s possible. You could just be hurting yourself. Here’s how to begin figuring this one out: Brush really gently the next time you brush. Floss very gently the next time you floss. If all of your pain magically disappears, then you have your answer and you don’t need to see our team about it!

Then, Come In: Hygiene Shouldn’t Hurt

Now, if your dental hygiene hurts and you are certain it’s not due to human error on your part, then it’s certainly time to call us. Don’t wait or wonder about it. Just call our team and set up a dental visit, telling us over the phone that it hurts when you brush and/or floss. It’s easy!

Don’t Worry, Though

Now’s the part that often deters patients from coming in for care when their dental hygiene causes pain: Worry that something is wrong and that’s it’s going to be upsetting! There’s no need to feel this way. Painful hygiene can mean things like gum disease, tooth decay, etc. Guess what? There are easy fixes for everything, so you’ll be back to comfort in no time.

Address Smile Pain With Our Team

Come in as soon as you can to address pain when it arises in your smile, so we may restore your oral health or guide you toward improved practices. To learn more, or to schedule your consultation, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.