Bruxism: 3 Ways To Find It

Not sure what bruxism disorder is but you know it’s not a good thing for your oral health? In addition to the fact that this is new to you, it’s also possible that you haven’t noticed it’s affecting your oral health because it can become an issue that lies just beneath the radar. To begin, realize that when we discuss bruxism, we are talking about teeth grinding or teeth clenching that will happen chronically but you’re doing it involuntarily. Long story short: You might not have any idea it’s happening. “So how will I ever discover it?” you may ask. That is just what our Overland Park, KS team would like to further explain to you!

#1: Someone Will Mention It

We like to remind our patients that even if you don’t notice bruxism disorder all by yourself, there’s a good chance that someone else might notice it and mention it, too! So, when someone asks you why you’re grinding your teeth or your significant other asks you why you consistently clench, don’t get defensive. Instead, appreciate the question and ask for additional details. You may find that this is the unexpected evidence you need in order to realize it’s time to contact our practice and to see us to learn more!

#2: You’ll Notice Symptoms

Then again, it’s possible that even if you don’t feel yourself grinding or clenching (note: this is something that may primarily occur while you’re sleeping), you may begin to notice common symptoms that will tell you it’s time to see us about bruxism disorder treatment! Such symptoms can include the following:

  • Your jaw joints start to feel sore
  • Your teeth feel sensitive
  • You notice your teeth seem eroded along chewing surfaces
  • Your tongue’s border looks scalloped

#3: We Will Notice It During A Checkup

If all else fails, you can rest assured that there is one foolproof way to find out that you have bruxism disorder and to quickly begin receiving treatment! All it takes is setting up and attending those twice-a-year dental visits we suggest that you schedule, so you may receive a dental cleaning and checkup from us. During your checkup, we will talk about your smile with you and take a very detailed look. If bruxism is present, we will find it and can help you immediately.

Take Care Of Bruxism Business With Our Care

Dealing with bruxism disorder and ready for treatment? Our practice is the place to get your smile back on track! If you would like to schedule an examination, or if you fear that you may be suffering from a cavity, please call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.