Invisalign During Holiday Time: Important Hints!

Are you the happy, current wearer of Invisalign treatment? Are you quickly recognizing that holiday time is upon us? If so, one thing that may not have necessarily crossed your radar just yet that our Overland Park, KS team thinks you really need to consider: How to keep your Invisalign trays safe, your treatment on track, and all while you enjoy this happy time of year. When you consider some hints ahead of time, it can make everything from holiday-time travel to smile care so much easier for you, so your smile aligning continues on as planned.

Hint: Write Your Travel List!

Our team knows that when you’re getting ready to head out of town (or even across town) for the holidays and you’re not spending it all in your own home, this can present a challenge if you’re wearing Invisalign treatment. Fortunately, it’s an easy one to overcome. It takes just a minute or two to throw a quick travel list together, so you know you’re packing everything you need. Put your Invisalign treatment at the top of your list and you’ll never accidentally leave your home without it.

Hint: Plan For Storage Ahead Of Time

You’re going to need to put your Invisalign treatment trays somewhere when you’re digging into your holiday meal. You may need to take them out as you share a toast with the family, too. Oh, and during dessert. While you may have this all figured out at home or during your usual routine, remember to plan ahead, so you know just where you’ll (safely) store trays during such moment.

Hint: Stick To The Usual Routine!

About that routine of yours: Don’t forget about it! When it comes to sticking to the amount of hours of wear we suggest for your Invisalign treatment, brushing your teeth, cleansing the trays, and more, keep things consistent. As a result, the progression of your smile alignment will continue and your oral health will stay safe.

Hint: Watch For Pets And Little Kids!

You might be able to set your trays down in the bathroom at home but when you’re staying at a relative’s house, etc., remember that your Invisalign trays are vulnerable! While other adults will probably ignore them, don’t forget that younger nieces, nephews, and even pups and kittens may run off with them. Simply practice caution.

Protect Your Invisalign Treatment With Our Holiday Help

Come in not only for the care you need but also for the long-term guidance you deserve for everything from prevention to Invisalign treatment! We can help you get your oral health in good shape when you schedule an examination. Call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.