A Root Canal Can Safely Restore Your Problem Tooth

Daily tooth pain, sensitivity, and limited biting and chewing function can all point to a problem with a cavity. When tooth decay reaches the point of causing discomfort, you should make a trip to the dentist a priority, as you could have an infection within your tooth. To treat this problem, your Overland Park, KS dentist can perform a root canal treatment. They can make sure you are comfortable when you undergo this procedure, and provide you with dental sedation to help you stay relaxed. The root canal procedure provides an important defense against internal tooth infections, which can lead to further oral health problems, and tooth loss.

A Root Canal Can Treat An Infection Within Your Tooth

Root canals are used to treat internal tooth problems. This treatment is often associated with cavity care because an unaddressed cavity can lead to the spread of bacteria to the interior of your tooth, but a root canal can also be needed after a dental injury. When your dentist performs this work, they will take care to remove all signs of an infection before sealing your pulp, and restoring your tooth.

Using A Dental Crown To Properly Restore A Tooth After Treatment

Dental crowns are placed over teeth after a root canal procedure, as the work done to protect your tooth will make permanent support necessary. With a lifelike crown put in place, you can have functional and cosmetic concerns addressed.

Want To Avoid Root Canals In The Future? Keep Up With Routine Dental Care

Your dentist is ready to help you if you need treatment for a root canal. With that said, you can limit your risk for an advanced cavity when you attend routine dental checkups, which involve a close review for cavities. If decay is caught before the tooth’s interior is compromised, then this procedure is not needed.

Family First Dental Can Provide A Root Canal Treatment To Restore Your Problem Tooth

At Family First Dental, you can look forward to expert restorative dental care when you need it. To learn more about the care we provide, or to schedule an examination, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.