Addressing Orthodontic Troubles Without Metal Braces

Your dentist can provide modern orthodontic care with Invisalign, a popular alternative to metal braces. There are several reasons patients will express an interest in Invisalign aligners. One reason is simply that they can correct problems with crooked teeth without the use of conspicuous braces, which disrupt their smile. Inconspicuous orthodontic treatment can be a big benefit to image-conscious teenagers, and to adults who worry about how braces might make them appear less professional. Of course, there will also be the added benefit of having an orthodontic appliance you can remove, so you have an easier time cleaning your teeth, and a better experience eating. With Invisalign, you can make remarkable improvements to your smile, while also making it easier to keep your smile in good shape.

Enjoying Orthodontic Treatment With Invisalign

Invisalign treatment will feature a series of aligners, which will be worn consecutively. Each one you wear will adjust your teeth slightly, until they have been properly realigned. You will see your dentist for checkups, to confirm that the movement is going well, but you will have fewer appointments than you would need for orthodontic work with metal braces.

You will be able to remove your Invisalign aligners whenever you need to. With that said, leaving them off too often can result in a delayed adjustment. Fortunately, they are difficult to notice when worn, so you will not have to worry about an issue with how you look.

Crooked Teeth Can Create Issues With Your Oral Health

Straightening crooked teeth will offer more than just a cosmetic dental benefit. You can find it easier to bite and chew comfortably after your teeth are adjusted. It will also be easier to avoid cavities, as there will be fewer issues with poor alignment making it harder to clean particular areas.

Talk To Family First Dental About Invisalign

Invisalign treatment at Family First Dental can help you enjoy an amazing smile change, while also offering several advantages over metal braces. If you want to learn more, or find out if you qualify for this treatment, let us know! To schedule an appointment, call Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600 to discuss this, or any other dental concern.