Clenching Your Teeth At Night Can Do Serious Dental Harm

While it can be common for people reflexively clench their jaw when they feel angry, or stressed, you may be in the habit of doing this while you sleep. This unconscious habit can leave you with sore teeth in the morning, as well as stiffness in your neck, jaw, and face. What you should know is this nighttime teeth grinding habit can also lead to serious dental harm. You may create enough force by clenching your jaw to seriously chip or crack teeth, making restorative dental work necessary. Even if you do not suffer a serious problem, you may create enough wear and tear to hurt your overall appearance.

Putting A Stop To Nighttime Teeth Grinding

A nighttime teeth grinding habit can be stopped with an oral appliance from your dentist. When you wear it, you can keep your upper and lower teeth separated, so you will not be able to cause grinding damage.

When you discuss a teeth grinding problem with your dentist, they may also check you for signs of TMJ dysfunction. These two issues tend to be closely related. Addressing TMJ problems can help you feel more comfortable throughout your day, as this can relieve problems that are causing recurring headaches, and other pains.

What Can You Do About Damage Caused By Teeth Grinding?

How can your dentist help with existing damage caused by teeth grinding? If your problems are superficial, cosmetic dental work can allow you to hide wear and tear that might make your teeth look uneven, or unhealthy. For more significant harm, you may require dental crowns to protect teeth. Fortunately, life-like materials can be used for your crown, so your appearance will not be adversely affected.

Talk To Family First Dental For Help With A Nighttime Teeth Grinding Habit

At Family First Dental, you can enjoy expert care to help you manage problems associated with a teeth grinding habit. In addition to having the problem stopped, you can receive the appropriate restorative or cosmetic treatment to manage the effects. To learn more, you can schedule an appointment by calling Family First Dental in Overland Park, KS, today at 913-381-2600.